Takovo has a great significance in Serbian history

Takovo is a village in Gornji Milanovac situated between the Dicina river and Klaticevacka river on the slopes slightly inclined to the South. Takovo represents a local traffic junction, which is still gaining importance for the development of tourism, by building a section of Ljig-Preljina on Corridor 11. Takovo has a great significance in Serbian history, because in this authentic Serbian village Milos Obrenovic began The Second Serbian Uprising (on Palm Sunday1815) at the place where is today dried old bush once was a beautifu oak. It is placed in the Memorial Park where is the Memorial to the Uprising from 1887.representing a central detail from the paint by Paja Jovanovic “Uprising in Takovo”.

The remains of the old Takovo bush are situated in the Museum of the Second Serbian Uprising in Takovo, church in Gornji Milanovac and Milosev Konak in Belgrade.

Under the remains of the Oak tree there is a memorial built in 1887. in the memory of Prince Milos. Nearby this monument there is the oak which was as a ”successor” planted by the decision of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic. Memorial group “Takovo Uprising“ is the work of the one of the first sculptor in modern Serbia, Petar Ubavkic. It was set up in 1990 .

The Wooden Church
The Museum of the Second Serbian Uprising